Introducing Enterprise CarShare!


Menlo Park Labs is pleased to provide an exclusive Enterprise CarShare membership to our qualified tenants. To participate, you must be age 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license*, and a major credit card.

Enterprise CarShare is a service that gives you access by the hour (or more) to late model, comfortable, well maintained cars, conveniently located at the corner of O'Brien Drive and Adams Drive. Cars are available M-F, 6am to 9pm for only $8 per hour or $85 per day. So why bring your car to work when you can have the freedom and flexibility of a vehicle, available to you when you need it?!!


* International Driver’s License are accepted – however you will be required to visit a local branch to have your license verified by an Enterprise staff member.

How it Works!



Once approved, you’ll receive your membership card in the mail. You will need the card to access the vehicles.



Log in and select the vehicle you want and how long you need it. With our mobile app you can reserve vehicles on the go.

Unlock and Go

Unlock and Go

Hold your membership card over the windshield sensor to unlock the vehicle. The keys will be waiting for you inside.



Return the vehicle at the end of your reservation. Hold your membership card over the reader one last time. The doors will lock and your rental will end.

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Membership Benefits

Membership and hourly fees include:
fuel, 200 miles per day, physical damage/liability coverage and a dedicated parking spot when you get back!

Enterprise CarShare is a totally automated rental process where, once you’re a member, all you need to rent an Enterprise CarShare vehicle is access to the internet or the Enterprise CarShare app.


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Once a member, download the Enterprise CarShare App or visit
Log in, and reserve the vehicle you want for the time you need.
Use your Enterprise CarShare membership card to access the vehicle. The keys are in the glove box and you’re on your way!
Return the vehicle to the same area you picked it up from and put the keys back into the holder in the glove box.
Use your membership card to lock the doors. Your rental has ended.


Mobile Devices

Already a Member? Get the App.

Go mobile with our Enterprise CarShare app. We’ve built a one-stop shop for all of your on-the-go CarShare needs, accessible directly from your mobile device.


Six Simple Rules of the Road

Report damage and litter.

Take 5 minutes before you drive to walk around the car. Call Member Services immediately to report any damage or messiness of the vehicle before you drive so that you are not held responsible. Also, always immediately report accidents or damage that may occur during your reservation.

Keep it clean.

Please remove all of your trash and personal belongings before ending your reservation.

No Smoking… or toking… or vaping… of anything!

Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed. Please report any evidence of smoking (toking or vaping) before you drive.

Keep your pets safely secured.

Pets are great, but not everyone is okay with pet by-products. Accordingly, as a consideration to members with allergies, we ask that you crate your furry (or scaly) friend at all times while in the vehicle. Please always ensure to return the vehicle free of any pet hair.

Fill the tank.

Fuel’s included in the price, and each car has a fuel card inside (use it like a debit card at the pump). So please, please, please always leave ¼ tank or more of fuel in the vehicle before returning and ending your reservation.

Return on time.

Carshare is an awesome service, but it only works when we all respect each other. Please always be considerate and return the vehicle on time. If you don’t think you’re going to make it back on time, please immediately try to extend on the app or call us so that we can try to extend it and /or alert the next member. Being late comes with some fees… so to avoid late fees, please always be on time. Thanks in advance!


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